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Welcome!!! I wanna make a lot of Poke friends!
The comment by English is welcomed, too!


ポケモンセンター限定 2011年8月11日発売
・A4クリアファイル スーパーポケモンスクランブル:210円(税込)
・A5シール スーパーポケモンスクランブル:500円(税込)
・メモ帳 スーパーポケモンスクランブル:300円(税込)
・カードケースアドレス8Ⅱ スーパーポケモンスクランブル:580円(税込)
・メタルチャーム レシラム スーパーポケモンスクランブル:180円(税込)
・メタルチャーム ゼクロム スーパーポケモンスクランブル:180 円(税込)
・メタルチャーム ピカチュウ スーパーポケモンスクランブル:180 円(税込)
・メタルチャーム ツタージャ スーパーポケモンスクランブル:180 円(税込)
・メタルチャーム ポカブ スーパーポケモンスクランブル:180 円(税込)
・メタルチャーム ミジュマル スーパーポケモンスクランブル:180 円(税込)
・液晶保護フィルター デコレーションシールセット for ニンテンドー3DS スーパーポケモンスクランブル:880円(税込)

クリアファイルも売り切れになりそうな気がします。夏休みは人が多いのでお早めに!^^ ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ
Hello Mr Peka ^^
I have counted them and they are 21 Japanese Pokemon wanted.
Do you think it is OK if I exchange 21 korean shiny Pokemon? Or do you maybe want Spanish shiny beast (suicune raikou entei)?Like i told you before, I will try to get korean shiny beast but as you know, it was possible to get them one per ticket (same situation of Japanese distribution) and also there are two different ID for movie raikou and entei. Which entei and raikou are you looking for?

Is it possible to exchange first School Festival Pokemon? Those are the most wanted +_+
Like i told you before, during the week I can connect at 10 am to 2 pm (Japanese time) and on Satuday from 1 am to all next day (Sunday all the day). Please tell me when is the best moment for you to exchange ^^

Best regards ^^

[ 2011/08/17 10:54 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
Hi! All pokemon just finished to move in my rom.
There are 8 school festival pokemon.
However you need 7? What pokemon doesn't need?

I want Korean shiny beast despite of their ID.
or Do you have anything Korean event pokemon which hasn't error name?
for others, I can change with shiny pokemon!

tomorrow(8/18),day after tomorrow(8/19), I'm ok. :D
If you can, please tell me the time!
[ 2011/08/18 00:47 ] [ 編集 ]
Hello Mr Peka ^^

Oh, I thought you could trade 7 but yes, I look for all 8 so if it is possible to trade all 8 SchoolFestival Pokemon, it will be awesome.
Do you also have the different distribution of Singer Pikachu? I have heard that there are many of them, i think more than 3 types

What do you mean with error name? Korean signs are not possible to see in Japanese or other language game of 4th generation games. Exchanges of korean pokemon from 4th generation only possible between Korean games

I have korean event pokemon in my korean game and some other korean pokemon in my BW game.

Possible first to trade shiny korean pokemon? ^^; Yes, i can exchange at those days. Possible in the morning since 1 pm?(Japanese time) because at that time it is 11 pm in my country when i arrive from university
[ 2011/08/18 04:32 ] [ 編集 ]
Re: タイトルなし
Hi! we will connect Wi-Fi today 1 pm(Japanese time)? for 8 pokemon?
My friend code is here.
Yellow:3739 5838 4738

I'm not get them yet. now I have a singer pikachu from Osaka station.

oh! All gen4 Korean event pokemon has error name?
I thought that they doesn't change to error name when firstly use Korean black/white.
[ 2011/08/18 13:16 ] [ 編集 ]
Do you have Korean 4th generation game? Do you have Korean BW?
In BW games there is not error name. Error names i think is when you try to corrupt 4th generation game to trade Korean pokemon from Korean game. Like I said, Korean event pokemon from 4th generation are only possible in korean game. For 5th generation, any Korean pokemon is possible in any game including Japanese BW
[ 2011/08/18 13:23 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
My ROM is Japanese black.
It is possible to exchange with you?

My gen4 ROMs(USA/Japanese) has some gen4 Korean event pokemon.
But they has error name becase of the reason. :(
[ 2011/08/18 13:36 ] [ 編集 ]
I thought you have Korean 4th generation game. Korean shiny Pokemon are there, so i would have to migrate them to BW. Can you wait please because i have to ask friend to migrate it to Korean BW because I have american BW.
Do you think it could be possible if I trade Spanish movie dogs?
I only have 2-3 Korean event Pokemon in BW because all the others are in Korean Diamond
That is the reason why you have error name, because of gen 4 room Japanese and USA you have.
[ 2011/08/18 13:46 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
OK! Thank you! I'm waiting.
I have Spanish dogs, so if you can I want shiny pokemon. :D
[ 2011/08/18 14:13 ] [ 編集 ]
The problem is that i do not know how long will it take to find a korean friend who could help me with migration T_T Do you think it is possible to exchange Pokemon at the same time?
[ 2011/08/18 14:21 ] [ 編集 ]
Mr Peka ^^ I have found a korean friend that could migrate it. Please can you wait 20 minutes more?
[ 2011/08/18 15:00 ] [ 編集 ]
Can we exchange now 6 Pokemon? T_T Or maybe tomorrow at same time?
[ 2011/08/18 15:59 ] [ 編集 ]
Mr Peka
Please lets exchange tomorrow at the same time 1pm (Japanese time)
Sorry for being late, i had problems with migration. Now i have to sleep, it is very late

Thanks and take care
[ 2011/08/18 16:06 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
I'm late! sorry. X(

I read your first message and was searching a house for my korean rom.
but it was broken, takes long times for reading and sometimes lose save data.lol
okay, tomorrow's same time, we'll exchange!
Thanks! :D
[ 2011/08/19 00:36 ] [ 編集 ]
Hello Mr Peka ^^
Can you exchange now the first 6 Pokemon: school festival magmar electabuzz machoke haunter slowpoke scyther? Is there a way to not make them evolve?
My friend code is 4040 5842 9450
[ 2011/08/19 13:23 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
Hi! :D
Course I useing stone for not evolve.
I'll connect Wi-fi with these 6 pokemon.
[ 2011/08/19 13:36 ] [ 編集 ]
Mr Peka,
Thanks for the exchange ^^
After this exchange can you wait a bit T_T I have to ask again friend to migrate more Pokemon ><
Can you exchange the other 2 School festival Pokemon, movie victini, ana pikachu, singer pikachu, pc audino
[ 2011/08/19 13:56 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
Thank you!!!
Korean sign is COOL! XD

ok. :)
[ 2011/08/19 14:02 ] [ 編集 ]
Mr Peka
My friend is now migrating 6 Pokemon. So it is possible to exchange those 6 now?
[ 2011/08/19 14:45 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
Please ask me when you'll be able to connect Wi-fi. :)
Because my DS's battery is low. but I think ok for 6 pokemon. XD
[ 2011/08/19 15:01 ] [ 編集 ]
Mr Peka, can you exchange the 6 Pokemon now? I will be in wifi room
I was having problems in visiting your blog ; ;
[ 2011/08/19 15:40 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
Me too. I couldn't access to my blog. :o
I think it cause of blog server's problem.
[ 2011/08/19 15:52 ] [ 編集 ]
Thank you for the exchange +_+
Mr Peka do you think it is possible to exchange the other ones tomorrow at the same time? or at what time is possible for you?
These are the one most wanted now: Searcher Kibago,movie reshiram, movie zekcrom, ANA darkrai, pokemonsmash zoroark, satoshi scraggy, pokemonsmash cubchoo, movie hydregon, movie golurk, mystery egg event pidove kibago pansage, dream world arceus
If you could get the other distribution of singer Pikachu and could trade it, it would be awesome
Do you want more korean shiny Pokemon or what other Pokemon are wanted?
[ 2011/08/19 16:07 ] [ 編集 ]
Thanks for exchange!

I'm prepared these pokemon which you said.
Pokesma Zoroark, Searcher Kibago, ANA darkrai, Fuyuyasumi darkrai, Movie Zekrom,Movie Reshirum, Pokesma cubchoo, and three egg( Iris's Axew, Ash's Pidove, Dento's Pansage) .

I didn't hear about satoshi scraggy,movie hydregon,movie golurk,so I'll have to bring them in my black from other rom.
Tomorrow could you exchange anything of korean event pokemon?

and I don't have extra dream world arceus which doesn't copy. :(
[ 2011/08/19 17:48 ] [ 編集 ]
Hello Mr Peka ^^
How many korean event Pokemon do you want? I only have a few of them in BW game (i think they are 2)
Tomorrow is OK for exchange at the same time

Thanks again ^^
[ 2011/08/19 21:47 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
I'm connecting to Wi-fi.
you too?
[ 2011/08/20 13:44 ] [ 編集 ]
Yes, I have just read your message. I an in wifi room
Did you read the last message i wrote in your last post in blog? ^^;
[ 2011/08/20 13:52 ] [ 編集 ]
>>ワタル(Lance) san
[ 2011/08/20 14:00 ] [ 編集 ]










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